This story summarize from Trailhead Project

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  • Support Process
  • Record Types for case
  • Assignment Rule
  • Escalation Rule

Support Process

  • Create the new Support Processes
  • One for Billing and one for Product Support

Record Types

This story summarize Customize a Sales Path for Your Team from Trailhead Project

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Create a Sales Process

  • Name the Sales process
  • Select the value you need for Opportunity Stage

Create a Record Type

This story summarize Lightning App Builder from Trailhead Module

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  • Building apps tool: Lightning App Builder
  • Pages in app: Lightning Page
  • Components in pages: Lightning component

Lightning Page Types

  • App Page
  • Home Page
  • Record Page

Lightning Components

  • Standard Components: Standard components are Lightning components built by Salesforce.
  • Custom…

This is a cheatsheet summarize from Writing Test Classes in Salesforce

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What to test?

  1. Apex Trigger
  2. Apex Class
  3. VF Page
  4. Apex Batch/ Queuable/ Future Method
  5. Custom Controller

Simple Unit test(Video demo from 11:22)

  • Test account
  • Test contact

Executing unit tests(Video demo from 16:39)

  • Click the Run Test button in the top-right corner
  • Check the Always Run Asynchronously from the test tab for run the another Test Class after you execute one Test Class
  • Click New Run from the test tab to select the test you want to run
  • In Setup|Home, find Apex Test Execution, click select test and select test to execute the test

TestSetup method in Test Class(Video demo from 26:41)

  • Put an annotation: ‘@testSetup’ for TestSetup
  • Reuse the variables from the testSetup method across all sub-method

This is a learning note about from Manipulate Records with DML

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DML statements:

  • insert
  • update
  • upsert
  • delete
  • undelete
  • merge
  • Creates new records and updates sObject records within a single statement

Bulk DML

  • Create a list of contacts
  • Bulk insert all contacts
Bulk insert
  • Create a empty list for updated contacts
  • Iterate through the list and add the title, if the department is Finance
  • Bulk update all contacts
Bulk update

Working with Related Records

  • Get the auto-generated Account ID
  • Assign Account ID to a ID datatype variable: acctID
  • Use acctID instead of the ID number

This is the Hands-on Challenge from the ThrailHead

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Apex Class and meathod

  1. The Apex class…

This is a CheatSheet for Salesforce Quick Action, summarized from Empower Your Users with Quick Actions Module.

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  • Object-specific actions
  • Global actions

Object-Specific Action

Create an Object-Specific Action

In Setup, Object Manager tab:
1. Select a object, take Account for example
2. Click Buttons, Links, and Actions, then click New Action.
3. Let's make this action to create records, so select the Create a Record action type
4. Select the target…

This is a CheatSheet for Salesforce Custom Buttons, summarized from Create Custom Buttons and Links Module.

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  • List button: Appears on a related list on an object record page.
  • Detail page link : Appears in the Links section of the record details on an object record page.
  • Detail page button : Appears in…

This is a CheatSheet for Salesforce List View setting, summarized from Create and Customize List Views Module.

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List View

Create a full List View

In a Object tab, take Account tab for example
1. From the list view controls, select New
2. Name the list (List API Name will be auto-filled)
3. Choose Who sees this list view
4. Click Save.(So far, the list view is showing us all the accounts)

Set up some filters

1. Click Add…

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